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Espace Global Freight custom quotation tool

The Challenge

Create a custom built quotation tool for internal and external use for Espace Global Frieght.

The Solution

The critera and complexity of this project was as such that a custom PHP application was written rather than using an off the shelf system. It was written within the framework Silex and uses OO (object oriented) PHP programming.

Complexity made simple

From Excel to Web App

We were provided with a Excel spreadsheet from Espace that they used to quote current customers. We took all the mathmatical logic and also created variables to create a great web app that internal staff and external clients can use.

Custom calculations

With market changes effecting the logistics industry daily within the settings of the web app the Espace team can edit variables that will effect the calculation on price such as conversion rate of British Pounds to Euros, toll road price changes and markup rate percentage.

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