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Biffa WordPress Website

The Challenge

Working as part of a external team our brief was to create a on site photography eye catching led website. There also needed to a unique quote tool never before done within the refuse sector.

The Solution

A large hero section is the ideal place to give the on site photography a place to shine, giving a sense of the pages content all within one image. The bespoke quoting tool is a unique WordPress plugin provided to Biffa and lets the user decide what refuse service they require in an online shop style.

Instant Return on Investment

Thousands of quotes

Within the first month Biffa recieved 250% more quotes that they had targetted themselves, this trend continued for serveral months afterwards resulting in more business.

Floation on stock exchange

As a follow up to the successful website we had to work closely with Biffa and their legal team whilst they proceeded to float on the stock exchange and had to again build them some bespoke pages to provide all the information require by law.

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